Some minor details..

When I say that this software is about 1000 lines of gawk, I mean just about everything is coded in gawk. The pop3 fetcher, the SMTP mailer, the FTP client... everything. The only other software used is bash, mv, find, date, and maybe sed -- all GNU.

This was an abuse of gawk. But it was fun.

- Submitted by Todd Coram

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What is BLOGnBOX?

BLOGnBOX is purely pre-Beta right now. It is approximately about 1000 lines of GNU Awk code and it handles blogging soup to nuts. Soup to nuts? Huh?

Well, this 1000 lines of GNU Awk code handles downloading content from a POP3 email account, extracting the content, formatting the pages and even FTP the pages to a webserver.

It even does pictures!

So, yes. Soup to nuts! Brought to you by your neighborhood pirate...

- Submitted by Todd Coram

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Welcome to a new blog...


This is the home of a new blog. It documents the development of a new blogging software system called BLOGnBOX. Its a dead simple blogging system inspired by EFX.

Stay tuned for more info!

- Submitted by Todd Coram

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